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14 April 2015 @ 00:32

For those of you who know me from the JE fandom; I'm not really into KAT-TUN or any JE bands any more, so don't be surprised if the majority of my entries are bitching about real life/the London public transport system or posts about how much I adore Chris Pine. However, I am always up for new friends, so please just drop me a comment and we'll see how it goes :)
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06 June 2011 @ 00:22
Ok, I swear that I will get around to posting Paris photo's, but maybe after I get back from Prague (I am naming this year my "Awesome Adventures in Europe with shabzilla").

However, this is a different post. I have been in the mood recently to write, however I am also a greedy, greedy person who will always want to read fic, rather than write it. Therefore, similar to tinybars Super Akame Mass Comment Thingy, but you know, for JE and other fandoms, this post is for people to;

a. post prompts
b. write a drabble or ficlet based on these prompts
c. picture/song/video/lyric prompts are fine and encouraged!
d. please put what fandom/pairing you want to prompt or are writing in the subject line of the comment! For example I would put;
-> Star Trek XII, I've never been afraid of the highest heights.

I know most people on my flist are Akame/JE fans, however pretty much any fandom is a-ok to prompt for. Finally, please feel free to pimp and stalk this post, and even if you can't/don't write, feel free to prompt as many times as you want; you never know, you might get awesome fic out of it! So, go forth and prompt my pretties :D
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29 May 2011 @ 20:20
Friends Cut. Reasons are mainly because we don't/didn't talk outside of JE fandom of which I am no longer part of. Thanks for the good times though.
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21 January 2011 @ 23:02
This is my fanmix for sweetpaopuwind 's fic for the jent_bigbang fic Switch Hitting. Here is a link to the fic in question and oh my god seriously; stop whatever you are doing right this second and go and read the fic because it is absolutely exquisite. Before you click on the link, please be aware that prior to creating this fanmix that I was a photoshop virgin :/

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I was going to make an lj post saying hi to the new people on my flist (akdj hey guys!), and to talk about the film I saw last night (Monster), but right now I am so angry that I can only focus on one thing; the increase in tuition fees.

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Cookies to whoever read all of this. Much thanks to mnemonic_psych for a. listening to me rant about this and for reading over it to prove I wasn't insane.
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05 December 2010 @ 20:54
There is a fine line between
serendipity and stalking.

© David Coleman

Because it's that time of year where people deserve a little loving :)
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18 November 2010 @ 17:18
Friends cut. It's likely because;

a. we're no longer friends
b. interested in each other's lives
c. we don't even talk anymore.

see you all later.
Stolen from singlehappiness;

Comment anonymously with:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment (to anyone).
3. One non-compliment (to anyone).
4. One love note (to anyone).
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. A hint to who you are.

Real life post to come um eventually.
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